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Golden Skin Care Exfoliator



Golden Skin Care Exfoliator

Gold not only gives a beautiful, glowing and youthful skin but it also slows down the collagen depletion, increases skin’s elasticity, stimulates the cells making the skin firm, improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging and wrinkles.


  • Evens complexion
  • Dissolves dead and dry skin
  • Softens, brightens & smooths skin
  • Prevents blocked pores and breakouts

Recommended usage:

Apply a generous amount of exfoliator over your face.  Massage in circular motions over your entire face. Rinse well with warm water. For best results, use after Golden’s makeup Remover and Face wash.


Water, glycerine, propylene glycol, carya illinoensis (pecan) shell, powder,
carbomer, triethanolamine, perfume, phenoxyethanol, glycerylcaprylate,
glyceryl laurate, gold, snail secretion filtrate.


Do not apply to skin with open wounds or dermatitis. Discontinue use if you show any signs of irritation, erythema or tumefaction. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Seal lid tightly after each use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

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