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V30 Fat Burner

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V30 Hardcore Fat Burner



V30 Hardcore Fat Burner benefits

•Regulates the body’s thermogenic response
to food, increases the body’s basal
metabolic rate, and increases utilization of
body fat.

•Fat loss & appetite control
•Elevates energy levels
•Relieves indigestion
•High in anti-oxidants
•Reduces cholesterol levels
•Supports cardiovascular health
•Aids weight loss by creating enzymes 


Take 1 capsules daily with a glass of water.


Green Tea Extract 20:1

Hoodia Extract 20:1

Coleus Forshkholii 60%

Ginger Extract 5% 10:1

Citrus Aurantium Extract 20:1

Raspberry Ketones 98%

African Mango Extract 10:1

V30 Hardcore Fat Burner

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