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Welcome to the NEW ERA of Fat Burning - G40 EXTREME FAT BURNER 

FREE courier only if you order G40 -  where in South A…

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Slender June Special - S30

Buy a S30 Extreme Fat Burner and receive a FREE VIT C

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Slender June Special  Get a FREE ZINC worth R225

1x Slender Living Collagen Cranberry or Unflavour

1x Slender Living DIM

Collagen gummies picture

This is your "must have" Beauty Gummies combo! 

Gummies Combo Includes:

Marine Collagen
With added : Retinol, Folic Acid and Keratin
Strengthen hair…

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Seamoss Gummies Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

Keto and Vegan Friendly

9 piece skincare starter pack picture

9 Piece Skincare Starter Pack

Golden skin care pigmentation duo picture

Golden Skin Care Pigmentation Duo

Slimming gummy berry picture

Slender Living Slimming Gummy Berry Juice - 250ml Bottle



(Please note: will last +/- 2 weeks)


Slender Living Slimm…

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Slimming Gummy Berry Juice - 500ml

2x 250ml Slimming Gummy Berry Juice

I'ts THE juice everyone talks about...

•Lose weight and centimeters 

•Lose we…

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Collagen – Unflavoured


Slender Living Collagen+ consists of Hydrolyzed Type 1 and Type 3 collagen – both types being the most important for str…

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V30 Hardcore Fat Burner



V30 Hardcore Fat Burner benefits

•Regulates the body’s thermogenic response
to food, increases the body’s …

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S30 extreme fat burner picture

S30 Extreme Fat Burner BENEFITS:

Fat Loss & Appetite Control|Elevate Energy Levels|Blood Sugar Support|Increase Focus|High in anti-oxidants|Boost …

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