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Vitamin D3MK7

Vitamin D3MK7

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Slender Living Vitamin D3 & MK7 60 capsules



Slender Living Vitamin D3MK7 60 capsules

Slender Living brings you the ultimate in sunshine and bone care in a single bottle.

This combination of vitamins is rare yet extremely potent, making it a unique addition to Slender Living's vitamin range. 

Slender Living's Vitamin D3 and MK7 is an absolute must have for those who need to keep an eye on their bones and hearts.

Vitamin D3 (and its range of amazing benefits) is a supplement well known in health circles. However, MK7 (otherwise known is vitamin K) is a secret vitamin that not many have heard of, yet it is extremely helpful to our health. 

Vitamin D3 is known to: 

Drastically lower your chances of contracting heart diseases. Reduce the likelihood of you catching the flu. Decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

MK7, the secret powerhouse helps: Increase bone metabolism and strengthens bones. Reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 

Improve dental health.

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